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American Export Import knows, as we all do, that the American market is highly competitive, so you need a reliable partner who is able to provide the access you need, not only to sell to U.S. local businesses, but also to organize local distribution at state level, as well as at national level.


American Export Import Will Open the U.S. Market for Your Goods and Services, Having Extensive Knowledge, Contacts, Reliable American Businesses and American Entrepreneurs as Long-Term Partners, Interested to Buy, Sell, Distribute or Purchase Your Raw Materials, Goods and a Huge Variety of Services


If you are a business, company, entrepreneur or even a start-up, based in any country or territory worldwide, whatever your location may be, if you have any kind of products, goods, raw materials, packaged products, within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods category (FMCG) or not, any kind of services, be it FinTech, financial services, investment banking, equipment leasing services, construction loans or other investment services, American Export Import has the capability, the extensive experience, a great network and extremely valuable contacts at all levels, local, national, as well as at central governments in Washington D.C., when required. American Export Import Register Your Business to Export List




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American Export Import – Full Support for All American Businesses and American Entrepreneurs


All American companies that are interested to buy, get international suppliers for all kind of goods and services, have the support of American Export Import to purchase such goods and services from worldwide businesses.


American Export Import will always be a reliable partner for all American companies, manufactures or not, be it well established companies with already famous brands, new established businesses, or even startups.




American Export Import – Examples of Success

Among the many recent success stories, we consider worth mentioning the ability of the American Export Import team to find customers and get orders for a startup manufacturing custom human robots.


We’ll briefly mention a short series of success stories that include the ability of American Export Import to open new distribution channels for new food products, cigarette brands, or medical equipment manufacturers that now have the possibility to sell their products and services to a significant number of clients, as a result of American Export Import efforts, extensive experience and valuable contacts.


The Long History of American Export Import Provides You with the Necessary Contacts, Extensive Experience, and Access to New Markets and New Customers, so You Can Sell More Products and Services


As a result of several mergers and acquisitions, including, but not limited to the ones of The American Group with USA Distribution Network followed by the acquisition of National Technologies, American Export Import – was established as part of the American Capital Group.




In January 2020 we just celebrated 35 years of being in business!




American Export Import – Complete Financial Support for Selected and Accepted Business Partners


As a result of our extensive experience, we are able to arrange funding, including, but not limited to Export Finance, Factoring, Local Trade Funding, and International Trade Funding, for selected and accepted business partners, suppliers or customers, when it is required.




American Export Import – Handled Goods and Services



  • American Export Import – Goods


The merchandise we buy, sell, export, import and open distribution channels for includes, but is not limited to:


  • Raw materials: timber, iron, steel, and any other kind of metals;


  • Construction materials: cement, steel, and all kinds of metals and materials for the construction industry;


  • Construction equipment: cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and all other equipment and construction systems;


  • Agriculture and food industry products: all kinds of cereals, crops, fruits and vegetables, fresh or dry, as well as meat, meat-based products and livestock;


  • Tobacco: all kinds of cigarettes and tobacco products;


  • Alcohol: all kinds of products that contain alcohol, including, but not limited to all kinds of spirits (whiskey, vodka, rum, and many others) as well as all kinds of wine and beer;


  • Packaged food products: packaged food products that are ready to be sold in shops, with the possibility to leverage on the strength of the American Export Import distribution network, giving you the possibility to put your products on the shelves, at eye level, in front of the American consumers, at national level, covering all states, from Hawaii to California, then down to Florida and up to Washington and New York City


  • Warehouse equipment: forklifts, automated warehouse storage systems, and all kinds of warehouse equipment;


  • Energy related products: oil, natural gas, mazut, coal, and all kinds of energy related products;


  • Equipment for the energy sector: technology and equipment for oil refineries, gas stations, and more;


  • Transport vehicles and transport equipment: trucks, railway equipment, wagons, locomotives, trains, car fleet, drones, both autonomous or operated by humans, and all kinds of vehicles;


  • Telecommunications: all equipment, materials and products necessary for all communication technologies, with focus on 5G systems and market access, as well as government approvals, permits and licenses, leveraging on the extensive experience and valuable contacts of American Export Import in the area of politics, government relations, public affairs, lobby, new legislation bills, both in United States, as well as in most countries, regions and territories.


  • Manufacturing: factory and manufacturing equipment for all industries and business sectors, including, but not limited to oil and energy, automotive, food processing, packaging materials and equipment, cigarette factory equipment, complete cigarette production lines, tobacco processing plants, including robots for your production floor;


  • Medical Equipment: medical supplies and equipment for all medical sectors, including, but not limited to surgery, trauma, laboratory, medical transportation special vehicles, as well as “Turn-key Hospitals”;


  • City traffic management systems;


  • Heavy machinery for the mining industry;


  • Custom Industrial Robots: light work or heavy duty industrial robots, technology and machinery;


  • Custom Human Robots: androids and advanced humanoid robots for protection, entertainment and work;


  • Custom Military and Defense Robots;


  • Military equipment and devices;


  • Remodeling industry: tools and equipment for any type of structure and construction, whether it is flooring, demolition, electrical, roofing, HVAC, or another trade;


  • Home products: home devices, with Internet of Things (IoT) or without Internet of Things, and other products for personal use, such as tools & home improvement equipment;


  • Technology: all kinds of devices, including, but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, and up-to-date gadget and professional devices;


  • Video game industry: all kinds of video games, equipment and accessories;


  • Fashion: Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry and accessories;


  • Consumer goods: all kinds of products part of the FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods Category, both famous brands, as well as new products that need to be launched;



  • American Export Import – Services


The services we buy, sell, export, import, and open distribution channels for, include but are not limited to:


Bank Services, Leasing Operations, Insurance Sales and Distribution, Fintech Services, IT – Internet and Technology Services, Software, Services Related to the sales and distribution of Credit Cards and of Debit Cards, Services provided by Digital Businesses, Private Security Services, Defense and Military Services, Government Sector Services, Government Relations Services, Public Affairs Services, Government Lobbying Services, Government Sales and Acquisition Services, Local Government  Services, Central Government Services, Natural Resources Exploration – Licenses and Permits Related Services, Government Military Services, Private Military Services, Mergers and Acquisitions Services, Financial Services, Investment Banking Services, Legal Services, Immigration Services, Real Estate Investors Services.




American Export Import – Open to Sell and Distribute Other Goods and Services


If you sell goods or services that are not listed above, please feel free to send us a short email and we’ll let you know if we can do it for you or not.




American Export Import – Export to USA


If you want to sell products or services to USA, and you are not already our business partner, in order for you to directly contact your agent, just send a brief, describing your business, as well as the products or services you intend to sell to the American market, to:

This email is mainly reserved for businesses and entrepreneurs located outside of the U.S. who want to sell their products and services to the American market.



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